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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this save us money?

YES! Most of our clients save hundreds of dollars per year – some as much as $400-600 annually. Unlike traditional water coolers where you pay per jug of water, the Krystal Klear “Bottle-Free” system is a low monthly rental with no extra or hidden fees!

How is the water filtered?

We use a 5-stage filtration process that ensures cleaner, clearer water. It starts with a 5 micron Sediment filter to reduce solid particle matter and sediment. Next the water travels thru Dual Granular Activated Carbon filters. This Dual Action filtration process removes or reduces chlorine, lead, cysts, and other harmful chemicals. This ensures the best tasting water that is “fresh” everytime you pour a glass!

Can I get a system for hot water?

Yes. All of our systems are availablle with “hot water” as an option. This is perfect to make the best tasting tea and other hot drinks!

Has the filtration system been tested?

YES! Our system is test and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 53 for the reduction of lead, cysts and turbidity as well as Standard 42 for the Aesthetic Effects for the reduction of taste and odor. All of our systems are tested to UL Standard 399 to meet safety requirements and is compatible with US National Electrical Codes.

Is service & maintenance included?

YES! All our systems include a complete preventative maintenance program – including filters replaced regularly at no additional charge!

How do I get started?

Just call Krystal Klear Water today at (716) 332-4400 and ask for your FREE 7 Day Trial!
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Questions to Ask Before Shopping for A Water Cooler – as told by one of our clients:

When I was first tasked with selecting a water cooler for my office, I honestly was overwhelmed. I had never shopped for a water cooler before, and I wanted to make sure that I did a good job. I was afraid of making a mistake by choosing a product that wouldn’t be the best option financially for my company – or an option that was going to inconvenience my co-workers at my office. After all, the water cooler is the focal point of office life and impacts the day-to-day lives of everyone who works here. I have a professional responsibility to my office environment, and I’m passionate about making it run smoothly.

Naturally, the first this I did was to search online about all the different options I had, and there is definitely no shortage of information. But it’s all so unorganized! I needed all my questions answered in one source I could trust.

It took me awhile to figure it out, but now that I’ve been through this experience once, I feel I can share with you some of the most important discoveries I’ve come across that can make your water cooler shopping experience a LOT easier. This guide will hopefully help steer you towards the perfect choice for your situation.

And because I started out with nothing but questions, I’m going to take you for a walk down the same path I took. Only this time, I’ll give you all the answers!

Does It Make Sense to Use A Bottled Delivery Service?

No. Most bottle water companies are just filtering plain old tap water and marking it up by as much as 4000%. Outrageous!

After some Internet research I found out that when a company subscribes to a water cooler delivery service, the majority of the bills they pay doesn’t even pay for the water or even the filtration of the water. Actually, close to 90 percent of the cost of bottled water goes to the cost of the plastic bottle, the label, and paying the people who drive around delivering these bottles.

For the price of a single bottle of water, you can get 450 gallons of tap water. Of course, you don’t want to be drinking water straight from the tap because all kinds of strange things can get into the water. Especially if your building is near freeways, agriculture, quarries, or old infrastructures.

Fortunately, I found out that the same filtration processes that these bottled water companies are using in their bottling plants are available to the public in the form of these bottleless water coolers… at a very affordable price. And because customers pay only once and don’t have to pay a subscription, I’d be able to save my office a lot in the long term.

Do I Need a Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration System?

The answer to this question depends on your situation, but I can tell you that I found out that 95% of the time you really don’t need to get reverse osmosis filtration. Almost all water sources in the US can be safely and effectively filtered with Carbon Filtration systems.

Carbon filtration uses activated carbon to “grab” out all of the water contaminants and impurities that could cause a health hazard to you or your coworkers. It all happens on a microscopic scale. And it really improves the taste of water because it also pulls out all the chlorine, which is public enemy number one when it comes to making water taste gross.

If your water source is extremely “hard” water, or water with high mineral concentrations, then you may want to consider reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis leaves nothing but the pure water molecule and strips the water of everything else, including some minerals that may have health benefits.

What Do NSF and UL Certifications Mean?

The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) are two organizations that certify water filtration products for public health. If your water cooler is certified by both, then you can be sure that the water you’re drinking is safe for your family, your coworkers, and yourself.

How Can I Tell If A Bottleless Water Cooler Company Will Have Quality Service?

Sometimes an automated phone system or a “Chat with us” window on a website can be helpful, but it’s also really nice to have questions directly answered by a real human voice. That way if you have a problem with your water cooler you can address it as quickly and painlessly as possible. So before you consider giving them your business, give them a phone call.

Can a Bottleless Water Cooler Ever……”Run Out”?

No! That’s the wonderful thing about a bottleless water cooler. As long as the filters are in good condition, you will have an endless supply of clean water.

What About Hot Water?

If workers at your office are ever making tea or coffee, they’ll need some hot water. You choose to turn on the hot water function on the bottleless water cooler depending on if you need it or not, but having instant hot water can be very convenient around the office.

Select a water cooler that does what you need, which is providing your coworkers delicious and clean water.

Believe me, I got my company out of our bottled water contract the second after I placed our first order.

After it was delivered, the water cooler hooked up in minutes and works like a charm. And most importantly, the water tasted great when I poured myself a glass from the machine. As you ask yourself these questions when you’re looking for a water cooler, I highly recommend that you check out Krystal Klear Water Centers.

Thank you for taking the time to review my research – I know I’ll save you time and money in the long run.

~ Michelle Zimmermann, Office Manager SuccessWare